Intel Core i7 and X58 價錢和發售日期

Core i7 將會在 11月3日推出,價錢由 284 美金起.

最先推出的會是用 LGA 1366 + X58 晶片組的 3 個版本.

  • Core i7 920 2,66GHz: US$284
  • Core i7 940 2,93 GHz: US$562
  • Core i7 965 3,2 GH: US$999
Intel Core i7 price and spec

Intel Core i7 price and spec

以上是外國網站 guru3d 的原文:

Core i7 processors (Bloomfield) socket LGA 1366 and the X58 chipset should be released at 3 November for hardware manufacturers and should be available to the consumer 4 weeks later. It is expected that at first the three quad-core Nehalem based CPU’s will be released at

In the second quarter 2009 Bloomfield processors  will step over the 3.2 GHz frequency, and in the third quarter will appear the more accessible processors LGA 1160.

Processors released will be:

  • Core i7 920 2,66GHz
  • Core i7 940 2,93 GHz
  • Core i7 965 3,2 GHz

Prices, I’ve also got these for you .. the Core i7 920 will cost 284 USD, the Core i7 940 562 USD and the Core i7 965 which is an Extreme edition BTW, will cost 999 USD. These are prices per 1000 sold processors.

Rumor is that at the end of September a few guys will already receive samples to test .. yet are prohibited to overclock. Intel is supposedly only to allow the expensive processors to be overclocked. Processors under 400 USD will get a bus lock, prohibiting overclocking.


September 26th, 2008

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