Intel Core i7 and X58 價錢和發售日期

Core i7 將會在 11月3日推出,價錢由 284 美金起.

最先推出的會是用 LGA 1366 + X58 晶片組的 3 個版本.

  • Core i7 920 2,66GHz: US$284
  • Core i7 940 2,93 GHz: US$562
  • Core i7 965 3,2 GH: US$999
Intel Core i7 price and spec

Intel Core i7 price and spec

以上是外國網站 guru3d 的原文:

Core i7 processors (Bloomfield) socket LGA 1366 and the X58 chipset should be released at 3 November for hardware manufacturers and should be available to the consumer 4 weeks later. It is expected that at first the three quad-core Nehalem based CPU’s will be released at

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